Sandhya Mahadevan and Sini Rajeeve



Children develop self-confidence and self-esteem while having fun moving and learning in the Kinderdance Programs.

A warm welcome! Our names are Sandhya Mahadevan and Sini Rajeeve ,Our students call us Miss Sandhya and Miss Sini. We are the Kinderdance Franchisee and Certified Early Childhood Movement Specialists. We bring the Kinderdance programs to young children in Qatar.

Kinderdance offers 5 different programs:

Kinderdance and Kindergym ages 3-5, Kindertots age 2, Kindercombo ages 6-9, and Kindermotion ages 3-12. These programs are developmentally designed specifically to meet the needs of our adorable customers, your children! Contact me for the programs and locations available locally.

We are a nationally recognized program which is successfully being taught to tens of thousands of children in thousands of locations throughout the United States and the World.

Children learn numbers, colors, shapes and songs while learning the basics of dance, motor development, fitness, and gymnastics. Kinderdance programs are fun and upbeat. Each child is treated with respect and given individual attention to ensure they have a positive learning experience and achieve their maximum potential.

Call for further information on specific programs,
locations, class schedules, or employment opportunities.

Sandhya Mahadevan and Sini Rajeeve

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