India franchisee signed agreement with Smartkidz Preschool

Kinderdance India franchisee Kirthana Ramarapu signed an agreement with Smartkidz Preschool. Smartkidz Preschool has over 130 childcare locations throughout India. Smartkidz Preschools believe children should learn in a safe, child centered environment through self-exploration and a variety of open-end activities. Kinderdance of India has been selected to provide age appropriate developmental dance, motor skills, movement, and fitness activities to young children, while they learn colors, numbers, shapes, words, and songs. Kinderdance® programs have been become an integral part of the Smartkidz curriculum. Kinderdance® blends education and movement programs ensuring that each child as an optimal learning experience. All programs focus on child’s total mind/body development. Kinderdance® programs provide development of physical and language skills, creative thinking, problem solving, language development, expanding imagination and socialization, while building self-confidence and self-esteem in young children.
“It’s wonderful to be expanding Kinderdance across India. For young children, movement, music and dance are natural tools for fitness, learning and communicating while expressing their feelings,” says Kinderdance Vice President, Karen Maltese. Kirthana Ramarapu is the executive director for Learning Parachute and the Kinderdance International India Area Developer and Franchise owner. Her love for education and passion for dance motivated her to work with young children. As a Certified Early Childhood Movement Specialist, she brings Kinderdance programs to young children on site at child care centers, preschools and other child care facilities throughout India.