Kinderdance Kids Enjoy The Benefits Of Dance

Roanoke, VA, March 10, 2020 – Kinderdance® International Inc, a top children’s franchise offers developmental dance, music, gymnastics, yoga and fitness programs for young children. The many benefits of dance for young children can been seen when a child expresses their feelings with movement as well as words.

For young children movement, music and dance utilizes the entire body and all muscle groups. Dance improves flexibility, coordination, balance, muscle tone, strength and posture. Kinderdance® programs teach to the Total Child, focusing on both physical skills and emotional development. The benefits of dance will enhance your child’s life in so many ways.

“Dance, music and movement programs help children develop emotionally, socially and cognitively, learning important life skills that will transfer over to school, work, play, relationships and other aspects of their lives. Kinderdance® Kids enjoy a lifetime of benefits from our programs, said Karen Maltese, Vice President of Franchise Development.

Kinderdance®, established in 1979 is a worldwide recognized dance, gymnastics, yoga and fitness program for children age’s two to twelve. Over 150 Franchisees currently teach to thousands of children weekly at thousands of locations in the US and around the world.

The Kinderdance® programs are all original worldwide dance, motor development, yoga, gymnastics, and fitness programs that combine academic readiness skills that are specifically designed for children ages 15 months to 12 years old. What makes Kinderdance® unique is that all  programs incorporate educational concepts in a developmentally designed curriculum that teaches to the total child. We place special emphasis on building “self-confidence” and “self-esteem” in young children.

The company offers their educational movement programs on site to child-care centers, recreational centers, churches, fitness centers, corporate childcare, community centers, military bases, public and private schools and many other viable locations.


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