Kids gym program – Kindergym

Kinderdance® International Inc, a top children’s franchise offers developmental dance, music, gymnastics, yoga and fitness programs for young children. The many benefits of Kindergym are truly amazing. The kids gym program is a great time to teach young children healthy behavior and have fun while building strong muscles.

For young children, Kindergym is beneficial to a child in many ways enhancing the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development of the children while building their sense of self and others. Here are a few benefits of our kids gym program. Kindergym promotes physical strength building your child’s upper body, lower body, and overall core strength. Another key element is strong and healthy bones through weight bearing activities.  Other benefits of the kids gym program are increased coordination and improved flexibility. A child will learn alignment skills while jumping, tumbling and moving. Kindergym provides fun activities including floor gymnastics, tumbling, acrobatics, gross motor development, and movement education. Music appreciation and academic readiness skills are incorporated into each activity as our Kindergym instructors work to build each child’s self-esteem and independence. Mats, low safe beams, and obstacle courses are utilized throughout the curriculum.

“Our Kindergym program is a fun and safe activity that gets kids physically active. It is not surprising that children who are engaging in consistent physical activity like Kindergym are more likely to get better grades than their inactive peers.” said Karen Maltese, Vice President of Franchise Development. Enrolling your child will encourage a healthy lifestyle.

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