10 franchisees by 2018

We are looking at 10 franchisees by 2018: Kirthana Ramarapu

Nurturing early childhood development and blending educational concepts, US based Kinderdance is growing leaps and bounds in India through franchising. This nationally acclaimed movement program is engaging multiple schools that will benefit them to lower their operational costs and provide holistic development for children. While creating different models, from Franchising to Company Managed Affiliates, the company is focusing towards women entrepreneurship by seeking expansion through master franchisees across districts in the country. Thus, narrating the business model, role of franchising and future expansion plans, Kirthana Ramarapu, Executive Director, Kinderdance India, spoke to Enducationbiz.com

Please tell us about Kinderdance?
Kinderdance is a unique movement program with an exclusive methodology and built-in science behind its lesson plans and curriculum. The program has proved itself and has been a successful age-appropriate program as part of many schools, integrated within the school curriculum. Kinderdance is a US based company and is the only nationally acclaimed movement program where we nurture early childhood development and blend educational concepts. They have fun learning while they Move & Groove and Jump & Prance.

How has been you entrepreneurial journey so far with the brand?
I would say very creative, innovative and challenging. It has been a learning experience in every mode and an entrepreneurial journey is critical, as an organisation has confidence in the vision and strategies of the leadership. It is a never ending journey as an entrepreneur has to keep up with the current trends and prove his/her leadership.

How has been the inception and growth of Kinderdance in India?
We started with two children and an adapted business model. Changing the model and changing strategies suitable to the Indian school industry, we have more than 7500 children in the Kinderdance System. Pre-schools and schools have been adapting our program because we give exclusivity to the respective school aligning our syllabus to the respective school syllabus. Being able to deliver quality program that has proved itself for over 35 years worldwide and a curriculum where children graduate from one level to the next in a progressive manner and blending educational concepts in an age-appropriate manner, growth has been constant as we concentrate more on quality. We choose to walk rather than running, which has earned our USB and this has been a success for us.

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