Kinderdance awards a Gold Area Developer franchise in Guatemala

Kinderdance awards a Gold Area Developer franchise to Tamara Salume. Tamara will be teaching Kinderdance programs to children in the country of Guatemala.
Tamara started dancing in her native Guatemala at the age of 3 and during her dancing career; she performed and participated in dance competitions worldwide. Tamara holds a Bachelor Degree in Industrial Psychology and worked in the field for 3 years. In 2017, Tamara will complete an MBA this year from the Universidad Francisco Marroquin in Guatemala and a second Master Degree in Management with a Concentration in Entrepreneurship from Tulane University in New Orleans.
Tamara has always been interested in the arts and strongly believes that dance and movement programs develop a child’s cognitive, social, emotional and communication skills. Tamara says “after doing my research on different children’s franchise organizations, my desire to be part of a leader in children’s developmental dance and movement led me to Kinderdance®. The solid corporate support, increasing demand for quality dance and movement programs really stood out to me”. With a passion for dance, movement programs and love for working with children, Tamara will enjoy enriching the lives of children in Guatemala!